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Our Mission

Diversity is an important topic which also concerns the Internet. We attach great importance to ensuring that information and content on the web is easily accessible to everyone. We know best how to consume content ourselves. Therefore our motto is: Personalize your Web. Because every person is different and has different needs. Our tools therefore offer new customization options to provide everyone with an individual surfing experience.

About Us

We are a technically experienced, well-established team from Munich. We love the internet and all its possibilities. However, while surfing the Internet we have always encountered disruptive factors that we have had to avoid in an impractical way. There has never been a simpler solution. So we developed it ourselves.

About our tools

We develop Web Personalization Tools. We help users to adapt the online world to their needs. Because what counts is the information on the web. Everyone should be able to decide for themselves how it is presented. Each of our tools helps to design the presentation individually. Is the font too small? - Make it bigger! Does an element interfere? - Fade it out!

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