Digital Accessibility in your Browser

at the workplace & on the web

For Companies

Modern employers want engaged and happy employees who are thinking along with them and are creatively involved.

However, according to the WHO, more than 25% of people are restricted or disabled. 70% of these conditions are not recognizable by the company. So most colleagues are not at all enabled by the management to realize their full potential for the company.

Digital accessibility is a huge opportunity to develop employees and to sustain the success of the company. abilitools helps to enhance Employee Experience in the company quickly – without much effort and as secure a business solution.

For this purpose we provide the toolkit as a specialized corporate software for the browser.

The Employee Experience Toolkit

Empower employees with mild disabilities through browser-tools & AI-technologies.

The toolkit helps people overcome digital limitations in the workplace. Whether visual impairment, color blindness, tremor or language problems … and many other challenges users face in the web and -apps.

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What does Employee Experience mean?

Satisfied employees get more involved and bring the company forward. The Employee Experience therefore plays an increasingly important role in business. Optimizing the digital accessibility and satisfaction of employees and the quality of their work is not only profitable for the employees, but also promotes the performance and competitiveness of the company.

For Website Operators & Bloggers

Our plugins improve the digital accessibility of WordPress websites. Each plugin offers users an additional feature that helps readers surf the site. Website operators benefit from a higher retention time, lower bounce rates and more happy, returning users.

Let your user readers set the individual font size. The “Text Zoom Premium” WordPress-Plugin integrates a new possibility to change the font size on your page.

The next WordPress plugin is already in the works. It will give you and your users new design possibilities from which everyone will benefit.

For Private User

Our free browser extensions  make it easier for users to surf the Internet. They help to overcome digital barriers, minimize distractions and allow people with limitations to access the knowledge of the world.

You have problems with small fonts? “Text Zoom” is a chrome extension to adjust the font size on all websites to your needs.

Still annoyed despite your adblocker? “Content Blocker” is the perfect complement to surf the net undisturbed and without distractions. Block for always specifically annoying elements on the website.

You want to know where a link takes you? Link Preview shows you a preview of the destination URL of each link before you click on it.

We are already working on the next extension with which you can further design and personalize your internet.

About us

We are a technology-oriented, experienced team from Munich. We love the internet and all its possibilities. However, while surfing the web, we repeatedly encountered disruptive factors that we had to avoid in an impractical way. There has never been a simpler solution. So we developed it ourselves.

About our Tools

We develop Web Personalization Tools. We help users to adapt the online world to their needs. Because what counts is the information on the web. Everyone should be able to decide for themselves how it is presented. Each of our tools helps to design the presentation individually. Is the font too small? - Make it bigger! Does an element disturb? - Hide it!

Our WordPress Plugins & Chrome Extensions