Digital Accessibility in your Browser

at the workplace & on the web

Digital Accessibility in your Browser

at the Workplace & on the web

For Companies

Modern employers want engaged and happy employees who are thinking along with them and are creatively involved.

However, according to the WHO, more than 25% of people are restricted or disabled. 70% of these conditions are not recognizable by the company. So most colleagues are not at all enabled by the management to realize their full potential for the company.

Digital accessibility is a huge opportunity to develop employees and to sustain the success of the company. abilitools helps to enhance Employee Experience in the company quickly – without much effort and as secure a business solution.

For this purpose we provide the toolkit as a specialized corporate software for the browser.

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Employee Experience Toolkit

The Toolkit is a browser software – specially developed for the requirements of companies – for accessibility in the digital workplace. It provides affected employees with the right tools to overcome browser barriers with just a few clicks.

What does Employee Experience mean?​

Satisfied employees get more involved and bring the company forward. The Employee Experience therefore plays an increasingly important role in business. Optimizing the digital accessibility and satisfaction of employees and the quality of their work is not only profitable for the employees, but also promotes the performance and competitiveness of the company.

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These are the 6 components for happy employees

About us

We are a technology-oriented, experienced team from Munich. We love the internet and all its possibilities. However, while surfing the web, we repeatedly encountered disruptive factors that we had to avoid in an impractical way. There has never been a simpler solution. So we developed it ourselves.

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Für private users and website operators

In addition to our Toolkit for companies, we also offer free browser extensions and WordPress plugins for the accessibility of private users.