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For Website Operators & Bloggers

Our plugins improve the digital accessibility of WordPress websites. Each plugin offers users an additional feature that helps readers surf the site. Website operators benefit from a higher retention time, lower bounce rates and more happy, returning users.

Let your user readers set the individual font size. The “Text Zoom Premium” WordPress-Plugin integrates a new possibility to change the font size on your page.

The next WordPress plugin is already in the works. It will give you and your users new design possibilities from which everyone will benefit.

For Private Users

Our free browser extensions  make it easier for users to surf the Internet. They help to overcome digital barriers, minimize distractions and allow people with limitations to access the knowledge of the world.

You have problems with small fonts? “Text Zoom” is a chrome extension to adjust the font size on all websites to your needs.

Still annoyed despite your adblocker? “Content Blocker” is the perfect complement to surf the net undisturbed and without distractions. Block for always specifically annoying elements on the website.

You want to know where a link takes you? Link Preview shows you a preview of the destination URL of each link before you click on it.

We are already working on the next extension with which you can further design and personalize your internet.

What our users say

" Abilitools is a great accessibility plugin that simplifies reading texts on a browser. Not only is it small and uncomplicated, it does an excellent job at zooming in texts without compromising on website structure and image quality. Give it a try! "
" I read a lot of scientific blogs, where this plugin makes it super easy to increase font size without changing charts etc. For me, reading is now much easier, without the hassle of having blurred charts or images, because the zoom function of Chrome zooms everything. "
" I really like how unobtrusive the extension is: it's not in the way and its shortcuts blend in easily with my workflow. I use it a lot to increase the font size (without changing the layout of the page) when working with a second monitor. "


Our tools are free of charge. In the future, selected plugins will get a premium version, which then costs a little. The basic version will remain unchanged

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  • Our extensions are for all who want to surf the internet without stress. They offer great functions that help to do so.
  • Our plugins are for all website owners who want users to like their site.