Content Blocker Extension

Content Blocker

The perfect complement to Adblocker for undisturbed web surfing

Adblockers only block advertising

Information overkill on the Web

Many disturbance factors on the Web

Delete elements that bother you on the web easily with Content Blocker and they are gone for you.



Blocker Mode

Click on the icon to start the blocker mode. Then you can delete disturbing elements with the mouse.

Elements remain hidden

If you delete an item (such as a pop-up that keeps reappearing), that setting is saved and you won't see it again on future visits to the page.

Hide or Delete

In the options you can decide whether you want to delete or hide elements.

Full Control

If you have accidentally deleted an element, you can easily restore the previous state. In the options you can also view and change your detailed settings.

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