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Employee Experience Toolkit

Digitization for your Workplace Diversity

enable older emplyoees | facilitate digital accessibilty | improve engagement

Digitization has changed the workplace. Employees communicate, inform and cooperate digitally. The most common tools used today are web applications in the browser.

Mehrere Hände halten ein Puzzlestück und führen sie in der Mitte zusammen

Many employees are struggling with the digital change. Older and limited people are particularly affected. Central problems are color blindness, difficult to read fonts and foreign languages. This puts a strain on communication with the X, Y, Z generations in the company. As a result, the stress level increases and the engagement decreases.

The digital transformation within the workforce, which needs to enabled, needs suitable tools. There is no one-size-fits-all solution  for all employees. The solution lies in individual configurability. This means that everyone can adapt the web experience to their own specific needs. The Employee Experience Toolkit thus becomes the catalyst for the digital employee experience of all employees.

5 Mitarbeiter posieren bei bei der Arbeit für ein Foto

Enable all Employees with the Employee Experience Toolkit (EET)

The Employee Experience Toolkit (EET) is a software for the browser, which is simply installed via the internal software distribution. Each employee now receives the toolkit as a fold-out design element on the left side of the browser.

aufklappbares Element am linken Bildschirmrand

Design element that has not yet been clicked on. The colour, size and style can be freely chosen by the company as well as by the individual employee.

The employee now has the possibility to view all tools unlocked by the company with a single click.

Das Toolkit als Widget am linken Bildschirm mit der Einstellung Text Zoom

Opened toolkit with the “Text Zoom” feature as the set default. With similar functions, employees can adjust colors, have texts read aloud and much more.

Picture showing the different Features of the Toolkit: Text Zoom, Font Style, Color Blindess, Darkmode, Translation, Text to Speech, Subtitles, Tremor,

Each tool can now be configured individually. The big advantage is that this has to be done only once, because from now on the settings apply to all websites. For example, the user sets the font size and this is retained on every website visited.

Likewise, every employee can check whether he or she is color-blind – many do not even know this. Once the setting has been made, a color-blind person can then set the optimal color contrast on all visited websites to recognize multimedia content such as color charts, pictures or videos. Green and red on the scorecard are never confused again.

Digital Employee Experience is one of the most important trends in New Work. Our mission is that all people can participate equally in everyday work and thus make an important contribution to the success of your company.

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