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about abilitools

We develop tools that enable web users to an individual browsing experience

abilitools has evolved from a small side project: Because he reads up to 50 articles on the web every day, our co-founder Chris ran into a problem: The fonts of the texts are often too small. But there is no good way for him to enlarge them without also changing the width of the text. Because this makes the text very difficult to read. 

Our team has been developing web technologies together for over three years. The focus has been primarily on the text. That’s why the idea of developing the solution ourselves was soon born – and so the first version of our Text Zoom Tool was born. 

We found the tool itself so practical that we wanted to make it available to everyone. After all, font size can be a major obstacle on the Internet for many people. With our solution, everyone can easily set their own individual font size anywhere. This gave rise to new ideas: With our technical know-how we can develop even more such tools. 

We liked the idea of giving users on the net new possibilities to adapt the visual presentation of websites to their needs. We already had many ideas for new solutions: This is how abilitools was created.


Our motto:


We enable Web Personalization

Every person has different needs. This is of course also true for the users on the net. But often websites are rather static and do not offer enough individual adjustments for the user. With our tools we help to change that. We enable browser users to change settings on all pages they visit. Website operators can integrate new functions for their users with our plugins.

Browser Extensions and WordPress Plugins

We develop both browser extensions and WordPress plugins. In the near future we want to tackle further platforms. So we either help the users directly in the browser with new design possibilities or we support website operators in providing such solutions for their users.