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Enable all Employees

We want to promote digital accessibility on the web. This is done by companies recognizing the added value of enabling all their employees. As a result, they in turn, inspired by the opportunities they learn, will make their products and services more accessible. The great problems of mankind can only be solved in mutual respect, inclusion of all potentials and concerted efforts for better products and services.


Laugh Along!

Unfortunately, the topic of accessibility is often seen in a negative or serious context. In addition, it is often unpleasant for people who are not affected to talk about it. It is all about providing equal opportunities and this does not always have to be done in a serious tone. With our initiative Laugh Along! we want to make sure that all our users laugh together once a day and thus loosen up the topic of accessibility. At the same time, we are raising awareness.

Who are we?

We are a well-coordinated team from Munich, Germany with an affinity for technology. With our skills we have made it our goal to develop practical solutions for digital accessibility. We want to enable all employees to bring their full potential to the workplace.

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