ZOOM Premium Extension

ZOOM Premium Extension

Adapt the text on each website to your needs.

On many pages the font is hard to read due to its size

The browser zoom changes the text width

Each page uses a different font size and style

Adjust the font size on all websites to your needs with the free ZOOM Premium Chrome Extension.



Zoom per Drag & Drop

Simply change the font size with the mouse in the handy ZOOM widget on the left side of your screen.

Text width remains the same

Unlike the zoom in the browser, ZOOM Premium only enlarges the text. The text width remains the same. So you can read enlarged texts more comfortably.

Settings are saved

The font size will be saved for you and set the next time you visit the site.

Configurable size

Set the size of the element on the left side of the screen that opens the ZOOM widget when clicked.

Zooming by key combination

i. You can also change the font size with a key combination: 1) " Alt +" alt- " alt 0 for Microsoft 2) "option +" , "option -", "option 0" for Mac

Data protection

All settings are saved in your personal browser. We collect absolutely no data from you.

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Which users need ZOOM Premium?

  • Silver Surfer – This is the term used to describe older people who are regularly online. Already 88% of people between 50 and 64 and 73% of people over 65 use the Internet regularly. Naturally, many of these people suffer from presbyopia and cannot read small fonts very well.
  • People who work on one or even two large screens. These usually sit further away from the screen, which can make the text look even smaller. This is also the case for people who work with several people on one screen.
  • People with visual impairment



No, we do not collect user data. All settings are stored in the private browser.

No, there is also the possibility to change the text size with a key combination.

Yes, the widget can be disabled per domain. If you don’t need it on a particular website, simply click on the icon in the browser bar or on the X on the widget to deactivate it.

You're a webmaster?

Then offer each of your users this feature with our free Text ZOOM Premium WordPress-Plugin

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