Text Zoom Privacy DE

Text Zoom Privacy Policy

We at abilitools are commited to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy applies to all our Text Zoom Browser Extensions on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.


In order to change the font size, Text Zoom needs the permission to read and change all data on visited websites. None of that data will be transmitted. It is only necessary for the extension to work.

Personal Information 

We do not collect, transmit or sell your personal or sensitive data such as cookies, authentication information, browsing history, web browsing activity etc.

When usingText Zoom, all data is stored in the local storage of the users‘ borwser. This includes font size settings for specific domains and the appearence of the Text Zoom Widget. Thus we do not collect any user data at all in order to guarantee a 100% secure use of our browser extension.

Your abilitools Team