If you work on a big screen, you probably can’t imagine it any other way. So much space to display programs side by side! Especially the resolution is a big advantage. Pictures and graphics look razor sharp. However, many people who enjoy them tend to sit further away from the screen. This becomes a problem if you also read a lot of text in the browser. Due to the big screen and the greater distance, even normal sized fonts can be difficult to read and exhausting for the eyes.

Why you should not use “Ctrl+” (browser zoom) to enlarge a text?

Many will now say: “No problem. Then I will enlarge the text with the browser zoom (ctrl+)“. The problem is that this function does not only enlarge the text, but the whole page. This makes an article even wider, so that the text is difficult to read. In the worst case, you may even have to scroll left and right to read the text.

What would be the better solution?

  • It would be much more practical, however, if not the complete page, but only the font would be enlarged.
  • The text width should remain the same. This way you will never have to scroll left and right to read a text.
  • If you are often on the same websites, e.g. to read news articles, you should not have to adjust the font size again and again. This should be saved.

Why are we interested in this problem?

We all work on big screens. As frequent readers of editorial articles, we have always been confronted with this problem. Since existing solutions were not enough for us, we developed our own without further ado. As heavy users we have improved the tool more and more and use it ourselves every day:

Lesen am Bildschirm zurückgelehnt mit den Füßen auf dem Schreibtisch

Our solution for frequent readers

For all those who – like us – like to read a lot on the big screen, we recommend our free chrome extension ZOOM Premium to adjust the always perfect font size

Our solution for frequent writers

We not only have a solution for chrome users, but also for WordPress admins who write a lot and whose target group consists of frequent readers on the big screen (e.g. developers). So all page users can set their perfect font size.

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