One is seized by ambition, motivation and concentration increases and it is really fun. All this happens when you are involved in a good game of any kind. Everyone knows the feelings that board games, computer games or sports competitions can trigger in you. But what happens if you apply similar principles from the areas mentioned above to the world of work? And how do you get employees to perform monotonous routine tasks with fun and motivation? The keyword is gamification. In this article, we show how to implement gamification at work and which concrete tools can be used for this purpose.

What is Gamification?

The term describes the use of game elements in a non-game context. The goal is to transfer the motivation and fun of play to the workplace. Boring tasks become competitions between individual employees, sales successes become virtual scores and teams from different departments compete against each other. All these possibilities promise a noticeable increase in productivity and a positive impact on the Employee Experience (explained by us here). Elements of Gamification can also be used for more effective training and optimized recruitment.

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What are the benefits of play at work?

The comprehensive statistical evaluation TalentLMS’s 2019 Gamification at Work”  examined how gamified elements improve training and development, how gamification affects employee engagement (explained by us here) and how it helps the recruiting process.

The following was found out:


is the increase in employee motivation when gamification elements are used for training and education.


of employees answered “Yes” to the question: “Do you think you would be more productive and achieve better results if more gamification was included in your work?


78% of respondents believe that gamification in the hiring process makes the company more popular among applicants.

Playfully boost the performance with these tools

Spinify Logo

SpinifyInteractive leaderboards where you use your own data to motivate employees in real time through Gamification

Placeto Logo

Plecto visualizes as dashboard software performance indicators for teams or individuals and motivates with Gamification functions.

SaleScreen Logo

SalesScreen  inspires teams in an entertaining and motivating way and helps them achieve their goals through high scores, competitions, rankings, badges and celebrations.

Gamifaction – an exciting opportunity

Some large companies are already experiencing the benefits of this principle. However, more than half of the surveyed employees have not yet witnessed any playful elements in their work. This is an untapped opportunity to offer employees a better experience and thus increase engagement.

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