Poor internal communication is one of the most disturbing aspects of work. This was shown by a study from Netigate after questioning 1029 employees in Germany. At first glance, this may seem a little surprising. One would rather assume that a bad atmosphere, lack of opportunities for development or insufficient compensation is a greater pain of the employees. But the effects of poor Interactions are far-reaching. Effectiveness & efficiency suffer considerably, frustration & stress increase due to misunderstandings and motivation & fun at work decrease.

What is the reason for missing communication

The reason for poor communication is often due to a negative working atmosphere. In order to improve this, it is important to emphasize the Employee Experience. When employees have negative emotions in connection with their work, their motivation and commitment decreases. In this article we have already dealt with the detailed relationship between Employee Experience and Employee Engagement and their exact definitions.

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In terms of communication, this means that if a bad Employee Experience leads to less engagement, people might not share every detail which is relevant. Below we show you the 3 main areas where bad communication really comes into play:

1. Lack of mutual coordination

Silo thinking (explained by us here) is the problem here. The reason is an old-fashioned company design that allows departments only to operate strictly separated from each other. This completely prevents communication. 

2. Delayed or incomplete Information

An unmotivated and uncommitted attitude results in unfocused or unscrupulous work.

3. Unconstructive Feedback

How feedback can be applied correctly using the example of one of the largest software and hardware developers and what is meant by a feedback culture is explained here. Successful communication is the basis for good feedback.

Improve internal communication with the right tools

Tools and software solutions are elementary for the improvement of internal company coordination. They provide the platforms on which communication takes place. We have researched 3 useful and frequently used products.


Trello – With Trello’s boards, lists and cards, projects in Kanban format can be organized and prioritized flexibly, collaboratively and clearly.

Beekeeper Logo

Beekeeper – A communication platform in an app for mobile teams to share information and enable collaboration

Slack Logo

Slack – An intelligent chat program that sorts conversations into channels, makes data transfers easier and can be integrated with many other services like Google Drive, Zoom and Trello.

Support your employees by actively promoting communication at work

Especially for the employees, communication is an aspect of work that is of great importance. For this reason, companies should actively promote it with the right measures. This can be supported by the use of tools. Insufficient communication is often due to a lack of fun and commitment at work. Therefore, the focus should also be fundamentally on the Employee Experience. You can find different approaches to influence this in our free whitepaper.

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